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                      MEDCO offers a broad range of industrial and construction equipment. All the products we offer are characterized by first class quality, excellent performance, long working life and good resale value; these attributes make our equipment the most desirable for contractors. We deliver industry's largest range of equipments, through our five branches nationwide.

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                      Spare Parts

                      MEDCO is committed to serve you with Parts and Service, keeping your machines in top working condition. A poorly performing machine or a standstill or an unexpected stoppage are all extremely costly to your operation. That's why you need the durable, reliable and top performing original spare parts from the respective suppliers.

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                      To prevent breakdowns from occurring, your equipment needs regular, professional maintenance. To keep downtime to a minimum, rapid repair service and parts deliveries are required. MEDCO service offerings are designed to give you the flexibility needed to best meet your overall needs.

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